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Directing Your Movie: Script to Screen

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In this section we'll cover everything from the basics every director should know to developing your story and preparing for the shoot.

  • Introduction / Who am I?
  • To Film School or Not To Film School
  • What is a Director?
  • What a Director Should Know
  • Finding Your Story
  • Script Analysis and Development
  • Your Visual Style
  • Script Breakdown
  • Building Your Production Team
  • Meetings & More Meetings
  • Finding Your Cast
  • Cast Read-Through
  • Cast Rehearsals
  • Location Scouting
  • Making Your Shot List
  • Covering A Scene
  • The 180 Degree Rule
  • Types of Shots
  • Storyboards, Previz & Shot Maps
  • Tech Scouts
  • Camera Tests & Wardrobe Fittings
  • Production Meeting


This section covers everything from what your shooting day looks like, to how to work with your actors as well as your crew.


  • On the Set
  • Crew Call / Safety Meeting
  • Blocking Rehearsal
  • Lighting Mode
  • Working w/ Your Actors (Connecting)
  • Actors (What Not To Do)
  • Actors (Discovering Their Method)
  • Actors (Emotional Tone Scale)
  • Camera Rehearsal
  • Shooting
  • Pick-Ups
  • Tail Slates
  • To Cut or Not To Cut
  • Take vs. Shot vs. Setup
  • Shooting Coverage
  • Moving On
  • Company Moves
  • Working w/ Minors
  • Working w/ Animals
  • Working w/ Gunfire & Other Hazards
  • Stuntwork
  • Driving Sequences
  • Making the Day
  • Setbacks
  • Martini and Wrap
  • Watching Dailies
  • End of the Day and Picture Wrap

Post Production

This section covers every aspect of the post production process from a director's perspective, from editing to sound, music and visual effects.


  • Editing (Rough Assemble)
  • Director's Cut
  • Re-Shoots / Pick-Ups
  • Picture Lock
  • Music / Score
  • Sound Design / SFX / Foley
  • ADR
  • Final Sound Mix
  • Visual Effects
  • Color Grade
  • Final Film / Premiere
  • Go Make Your Movie!
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