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In "Show Me The Money," we applied the same successful principles that made our earlier course, GetInclusive, a hit, now adopted by over 350 universities, including Stanford, UMass, and SeattleU!






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Grant and Rom√°n fuse 65 years of insights into 'Show Me The Money,' making complex deals your playground.


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"This course felt like a personal guide through the complex world of film financing, with relatable insights and hands-on advice that  impacted the way I approach funding for my upcoming film."


Jordan R.
Director of " Echoes in Twilight" a Mystery Thriller in pre-production


Together we're not just filmmakers; we're award-winning storytellers and businessmen who've conquered the globe with our cinematic endeavors. With a solid 60 years between us, we've seen it all, from the high stakes of international film markets to the cutting room floor where true magic happens.

You know us - we're like you, turning bold visions into award-laden realities, and we're here to share the inside track for film funding to you, producers and filmmakers daring to dream BIG!






This master class offers a flexible, comprehensive dive into film financing and deal structuring, perfect for self-paced learning and foundational industry knowledge.


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Tailored for personalized guidance, our one-on-one coaching directly connects you with our expertise and network, focusing on your specific filmmaking challenges and goals.


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An opportunity to work alongside us as co-producers, gaining hands-on experience and access to our network, to elevate your project from concept to reality.


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This course is a powerhouse of knowledge with 9 razor-sharp modules, backed by 37 killer resources to deepen your grasp on each aspect of film financing. It's not just learning; it's an arsenal of real-world case studies and tools, tailor-made for producers ready to finance their next big hit. In short, it’s where theory meets the street, setting you up to win in the high-stakes world of movie making.


Diving into the High-Stakes World of Film IP: Welcome to the first power-packed session of our online course, where we're not just talking films, we're talking intellectual property!


Gear up!  This session is all about insights on market testing your script - turning it into a weapon that cuts through the noise. Make moves that count, decisions driven by what the market craves!


Unlock the secrets to selecting the perfect sales agent for your film. Grasp their key roles, use their market insights, and align your script with their know-how to boost your film career.


Learn to align your film's budget with market realities. Identify your target audience, estimate potential revenues, consider star power, and navigate indie film challenges for optimal profitability.


Join us in Oakland, NZ to review what has been discussed and overview what's coming up next in Show Me The Money: The Art of Film Financing and Deal Structuring


Explore film funding equity finance, presales, minimum guarantees, soft equity, facilities deals, and bank financing. Understand risks, benefits, and strategies for effective financial planning.


Discover how to maximize tax credits, subsidies, and incentives in film financing. Learn their types, how to apply, manage audits, and calculate their impact for better film financial planning.


Gain legal essentials for filmmakers: the need for an entertainment lawyer, navigating option agreements, understanding completion bonds, and using collection agencies for secure financing.


Two parts series to explore the crucial role of film and TV markets in a producer's career. Learn market benefits, key global markets' overview, attendance, and strategies for networking and partnership building.




Unlock the Vault: Discover the Filmmaker's Dream Financing Toolkit


Step up your game with our mastermind's arsenal of killer resources. Beyond the basics, we're throwing open the doors to a treasure trove of extras that sharpen your edge in the film finance battleground. Think razor-sharp case studies, insider tools, and wisdom from the pros that catapult your understanding from novice to master strategist. This isn't just extra content; it's your secret weapon to packaging your movie like a pro. Ready to dive deep and play in the big leagues? These resources are your ticket in. Let's get you armed and ready.





Dive into 'Directing Your Movie: Script to Screen,' a high-octane course by industry veteran Director Joth Riggs. Covering over 60 topics in 3 action-packed hours, it's your express lane from script to screen. Joth shares practical insider secrets to transform you into a directorial powerhouse.


Available now‚ÄĒgrab your seat in the director's chair and turn your vision into cinematic reality.

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Meet Joth Riggs, the trailblazer whose filmography is a Hollywood who's who, spanning over 30 years and more than a hundred projects with the industry's titans. Starting on the eerie sets of 'Pet Sematary II' fresh from film school, Joth's journey took him from the comedic sidelines of 'Coach' to the iconic realms of Spielberg's Amblin Entertainment.

But it was the Director's Guild Training Program that catapulted him from a coveted A.D., rubbing elbows with legends on sets like 'Starship Troopers' and 'End of Days,' straight into the director's seat. His directorial prowess? Undeniable, with 'Night of the Sicario' hitting theaters under the banners of Paramount Pictures and Saban Films in 2021. Joth isn't just in the film industry‚ÄĒhe's writing its next chapter.


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